Norton Ghost 32bit-64bit download

05 Авг
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Norton Ghost allows you to access all your disks or hard files, just choose to share another, network drive, or backup data at Norton Ghost. The procedure by the first step by step wizard you run, What you are sending through the process and giving you all the function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’) }}; you can configure whatever you want, with your own settings. The backup will be installed and optimized at any time, if soworst happens Of course, Norton Ghost can make you later any changes to these settings in the spirit. The configuration program can create an exact copy of your hard disk (With all existing files, programs and settings). When supporting a disk, Norton Ghost will also make a point of regeneration, which will allow you to regain your system in case something goes well. It’s amazing and easy to use, Norton Ghost asks for one thing specific: patience. It can supportbackup takes a long time, so you may have to leave the program run in the background when doing something else or better.Also, the backup of the table when you do not have to use the Spirit is a reliable tool , efficient and easy-to-use backup that can withstand the loss of critical files in the event of a computer disaster.

Norton Ghost