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After the emergence of a new political party, a new American father is trying, no 12-hour law on Staten Island. No one should be in the test, but for 5,000 euros.

Director: Gerard McMurray

Author: James Demonaco

Stars: Jonah Noel, Leki Scott Davis, Joan Wade

Styles: steps | Fear | Sci-Fi | exciting

Country: USA

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According to all traditions, there is a revolution. On the second day of independence, our country’s growth shows 12 years of injustice. Almost, the move began to be easy. Experiment: First, delete. For the rest, American founders (NFFA) have a new checkup of social theory explain thatAttack in one of the societies. But contrary to violence that violates violence, infections will spread through the boundaries of test cities and across the country.

The rich family is a bauder, the aim of the union union is “Purging”. The 12 hour period is a legal offense.


JamesDemonaco, destroyed by US crime and prisons, a 12-hour government. It has a temporary period when any criminal action, including murder, becomes legal. Police can not be called. Hospital stopshelp. This is dominated by the people without thinking about one night. At night, crime and crime are threatened by the fight against someone who decides the other person’s will. When James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) enters the community when the composer enters a year’s period, the chain begins to threaten the breakdown of fantasy partner and Now, James, his wife, Maria (Lena Heidi) and their children do so today without being hidden .

The First Purge 2018