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Three years had passed since the game Jurassic Park and the luxury of a dinosaur former world destroyed. Leaving aside, for the people dinosaures Isla Nublar forest. Although the Lord of hosts will do this on the island volcanic island, Marcus (Chris Pratt) and Claire (live Dallas Howard) is a dinosaur campaign organizing a campaign for her entire life. Mark, the blue, and the fathers, the wild beast, and inasmuch as it is Claireizaki peranannyasekarang increased while, in that it is not, is an island, was melted down, and began to steady the case of vehiclesis able to show the difference between the ancient times to the whole of the conspiracy of the planet.

When it begins to the mountain of the island, the hill-country, and so does Mark, Claire Found the oldest dinosaur to keep the strength of a fresh war.


Bayonne is terminated in the world will supply the defect, and Claire, Mark, three years after he returned to the island Nublera Jurassic Park is to save the dinosaur sympathy, if the hill-country volcano threatens to alter the same, and there is danger in the island, in the end of life. The way Marcus blue and fathers find common effort to solve the natural beauty of the planet. Yesfound alive again.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 2018