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24 Июл
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Document, please, this is an unusual game where you play the Immigration Inspector. Your job is to make sure everyone crossing the border has their own documents and meet a series of ever-changing immigration laws.

Login () {{‘review-app-page-desktop’};}); Yvraestelle, please, your Republican citizen plays in Soviet style, who says for the work of the immigration inspector. You do not have to be fined for financial and financial penalties. Ifeveryone controls immigration. Come on, make sure everything is right, the harder it is when the game is so easy to make something shtraf, we need to make sure you can feed your family and keep them in good health, so mistakes can affect them. So it’s hard to manage your basic salary. Errors can lead you to choose which family members you want to live. Many things are depressive. Supports black retro documents, please, interfaces designed withwell, good controls that you can easily pick up when the game goes on. graphicallyIt has 8-bit pixelated view, suitable for Soviet dragons Soviet feeling game. But please paper, not a game where graphics or audio are the main attraction. This is a game that makes you think and lets you see what you are a person when you have to choose a dignified and caring immigrant with your family.

You bad guy? Documents, please, noa fun game, in the traditional sense. But it can not be overcome, it is very well designed and written. If it proves that video games are not stupid, and that could be «art», that’s amazing.

Papers, Please